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Tiny Truck dimentions

Width: 1m74cm

Height: 2m10cm

3 way Tipping

Licensed by the Government Agencies

Environment Agency

Reg No:  CBDU163330

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50mm Down to Dust

Limestone hardcore sub-base

2 Inch Single Size Limestone

Type 1 Granite - Conforms to Building Regulations.


If you are going to be inspected by the

Local Autority it will be essential to use this

Sub Base to satisfy the requirements of the Inspector.


Helpful hints and tips!


If you are planning to lay down foundations to be used as a car park or hard standing area for example this is the basic method used.


Dig out the required depth of at least 10" of the area you are preparing.


Now lay down your Taram Membrane, we can provide you with the required amount of Taram.  This will stop the clay in the ground mixing with the stone, keeping it well drained as the Taram allows the water through but not the stone.

Prevents the clay and stone mixing together and sinking into the earth.  Taram is highl;y advised for a professional result.


Next spread the hardcore a depth of 4" of 4" Clean Limestone.

( This means there are no smaller bits in it than 100mm)  Allowing water to drain through quickly.  

This would then be rollered/compacted down.


Now you are ready to lay the next hardcore down.

This would need a depth of 2" ideally of 50mm Clean Limestone.  This is also compacted down.


This is the final layer of hardcore base.  2" - 3" depth of Type 1 Limestone.  This is also compacted down.  


You are now ready for your final choice of surfacing stone.


A good topping layer is 20mm granite, The granite knits together well because of it's more angular formation.

Or, 20mm gravel as this size stone does not pick up in car tyres so easily preventing the spreading of stone for a neater appearance.  There is  also 10mm for a lush looking drive.  All of these do look really smart.  Are extremely hardwaring.

More helpful information about different choices of stone is written about on the Gravel page.


We hope you found this information helpful.  If you are unsure always speak to a qualified builder before beginning works!

Recycled Road Planings


Black Surfacing for track roads

or filling for hardstanding areas.


Value for money per cubic square meter.


 Recycled Road Planings

2 inch limestone 50mm down to dust limestone IMG_4113

MOT Type 1 Granite