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Tiny Truck dimentions

Width: 1m74cm

Height: 2m10cm

3 way Tipping

Licensed by the Government Agencies

Environment Agency

Reg No:  CBDU163330

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+ Beautifully Soft to the touch  

+ Light and fluffy

+ Fantastic Childrens Play Sand

+ Equestrian Arenas

+ Animal Centre Training Surface


Pro Arena Silica Sand is highly recommeded as opposed to any other sands for a variety of uses.  

The granules are round not angular, this means the sand will not catch between the skin folds which

cause sores on Animals or Children with other types of sand.  When rainfall drains through Silica Sand it does so quickly, the water is clear and once dry resumes its soft light properties. 

You can be confident when using Silver Silica Sand it is great for all recreational purposes.


It is clean and stain free !   



gardens - new home- paths - driveways - equestrian centres 

sports facilities - schools

country parks - landscaping - roads and farm  tracks - land drainage

 water features -  pipe bedding

 floor screeding - concrete mix

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Delivery up to

6 miles from Alconbury

Silica Sand

Silica Sand

Silica Sand


This sand is ideal for :


Play areas


Popularly used in Equestrian Centres for Riding Arenas


Silica Sand is unique as the particles are round


The Sand particles natrually fall from the horses hooves, or dogs paws


 Children playing with the sand are not going to get sand trapped against their skin causing sores


This happens with regular sands, beach sands included.  


Silica Sand does not cause staining of clothing or fur


Making it an ideal sand more many recreational uses.  


A lovely light sand soft to touch.

Pro Arena Silica Sand

Sand Horse kinds in sand pit