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Tiny Truck dimentions

Width: 1m74cm

Height: 2m10cm

3 way Tipping

Licensed by the Government Agencies

Environment Agency

Reg No:  CBDU163330

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10mm Quartz Gravel Stone

also known as pea gravel

or shingle




20mm Quartz Gravel Stone


This example pictured is

of quartz stone,

a more blue/grey and

black stone mix

40mm Quartz Gravel Stone


This example is quartz stone

We supply gravel stones that are size 40mm down to 4mm...

If there are any materials types which are not listed on this website, please contact us to find out more...


Luxureous driveways, or topping for paths, and pipe bedding.

This size of gravel stone is mostly used for smart crunchy Driveways and paths, helps you to hear when visitors arrive. Other uses are potting plants, and can be mixed  in with concrete.


Mainly used for ground drainage or to help prevent cats from digging up areas.  

IMG_2873 DSC01259

Tiny Tipper Truck !


This is a specialist delivery vehicle for locations with restrictive access.


It is 174cm wide so can fit into almost any location for tipping where you need it.


The truck pictured is carrying  2 tonnes of 10mm Gravel.

This is an 8 wheeled Tipper truck delivering 20 tonnes of

20mm driveway gravel.


These pictures give you a good comparision of the truck size and also the amount of gravl you require.

Please call the Office:  01480  456944  or  

077591 52888 for orders.

10mm golden gravel 14mm pea gravel IMG_0379[1]