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Tiny Truck dimentions

Width: 1m74cm

Height: 2m10cm

3 way Tipping

Licensed by the Government Agencies

Environment Agency

Reg No:  CBDU163330

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Delivery information help list...



The delivery information that you supply us with is vital in ensuring we deliver your order on time, and in the best place for you.


Please make sure to have all of your address details to hand.


 1)  A contact name and telephone number

 2)  Name or number of the building or house or location of the site.

 3)  Street name

 4)  Name of village

 5)  Name of town

 6)  Postcode

Helpful information to tell us about....


  • Are there any notible landmarks near to your location?

  • What is the name of a road off the road you wish us to deliver to?

  • Is there a specific route we need to take to gain access into the delivery point if it is restricted in anyway, if you are receiving a large load delivery for the 8 wheeled Tipper Truck.  i.e. -width, height, weight restrictions - for example maybe there is a weak historic bridge we need to avoid and come to you via another route.


We can offer helpful advice towards the appropriate materials.

There are different choices available to you for cost efficiency, design and purpose.

Please feel free to enquire using the contact list below.


Office telephone: 01480 456944

Mobile:  07759 152888 

Email us with any questions at either -

or -