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Granite comes in various attractive shades of dark pinks to grey- lilac and red shades of colour - dependant upon the area that it is raised from.


It's a popular choice as a decorative stone as 20mm clean so no dust just granite for gardens or for driveways.


Granite stone is eceptionally hardwaring giving a prestigous look when used in this way.    

Gravel ranges in size from 4mm up to 40mm.  The colours vary dependant upon where the stone is raised from.  Shades of golden yellow through to more grey shades or creams and  browns.


6mm up to 20mm is genrally used for driveways.  


40mm is good for detering cats from using your area as a toilet!


Bedding for pipes to be layed in the ground is 6mm gravel as this eliminates the cause of stress points along the pipework.  


Shingle gravel is also used for pebble-dashing the exterior of houses.


This is also great for potting plants and topping the pots of plants to prevent plants drying out as quickly in the summertime.

Often used in Cottage Gardens in amongst bedding or as edging. Personalising your environment.  


Cobble stonea are very effective in many settings such as japanese style gardens, enhancing water features and much more.


Large Rockery Stones as they come out of the ground, each stone is unique in shape and size.  


Use these stones as you choose for any decorative setting.

Great for edgeing lawns near roads.  


Prevent your lawn from being driven on, also can be moved when maintaining the grass or border for cutting.

Often used in Gabion baskets as support walls.


They can be used as large decorative feature stones.  In anyway you please.  Greenery planting looks very attractive against the grey stone.

Decorative stones

rockery stone GREY LIMESTONE GABION pink granite



6mm - 20mm clean


150mm - 300mm


2-3ft in size

cobble stones


80mm - 125mm

10mm golden gravel pea gravel


4mm - 10mm